Local non-profit to be started for human trafficking victims

Redeeming Hope will provide education, therapy, and support to young girls who've experienced human trafficking and sexual abuse
Lisa Foster

RICHMOND, Ky (WTVQ)- It’s been nearly ten months since 32-year old Jordan Morgan was killed in a home invasion.
Morgan was the daughter of former state lawmaker Wesley Morgan and Lisa Foster.

Foster says she misses her daughter every day. And now she’s turning that heartbreak into something positive.

“I wanna get my work done here, I wanna put my life into it, this is the last thing I’m doing. I’m passionate about it and then I’m going to heaven,” says Foster.

Foster is one of ten women in Madison County who are now in the beginning stages of forming a non-profit called Redeeming Hope.

The women say its goal of the non-discriminatory organization is to help young girls aged 14 to 18 years old who have been human trafficked and sexually abused in Kentucky.

“Trafficking is a bigger problem in our state than most people realize. We are number 9 in the country for human trafficking,” says Jami Arnold, who will be the house director.

Arnold says Redeeming Hope will provide education, therapy, and, most of all, love to the girls who’ve experienced something no young girl should go through.

“This is the worst thing that has happened to them yet in their lives. We want them to know that doesn’t have to be their life, their legacy. There’s life beyond that,” says Arnold.

It’s a calling that the women involved are passionate about.

“We don’t want this to be about one person. We want it to be about Redeeming Hope,” says Foster.

“This is going to be a home setting. Not an institution, not a residential facility. It will be a group home and we will get the children out of foster care,” says Arnold.

The women say there is still a lot of work to do and a lot of bridges to cross.

Foster says in the midst of the work, she remembered her daughter, Jordan, was an advocate for human trafficking prevention.

“She was on the task force for human trafficking in northern Kentucky. So I hadn’t even remembered that and when all of this came about, I was like ‘oh, yes Lord, thank you!’ So it all just kind of went there together. But I’m sure that shes looking down and saying ‘Go Mom!”

The women say they hope to get Redeeming Hope completely up and running by summer 2023.

They’re currently accepting donations to help build a home. If you’d like to donate, you can email Lisa Foster at lfoster@donfoster.com or call her number at 859-582-1010.

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