Local family recounts the day an EF-2 tornado destroyed their home last year

BOYLE COUNTY, Ky. (WTVQ) – On December 11th, 2021, the National Weather Service reported that an EF-2 tornado blew through Boyle County.

The Hardin family who lives along Airport Road, outside Junction City and right across from the Danville-Boyle County Airport, was hit.

Their home was destroyed.

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“I was actually standing at the front door and that’s when the actual roof came off and I had no clue and the house just kind of made a  pop and she screamed and that’s when I ran back in the hallway and it was all just kind of a blur from there,” said Jeremy Hardin.

Chelsea Hardin hid in the bathroom with her son who was just four years old, only caring about the safety of her family.

“All I could think of was just to protect my children and he had gone and got our daughter and she was just 5 months old in her bassinet so he came around with her, and after that, it just kind of blacked out and it was only maybe 30 seconds long and after that, I don’t think we understood what had truly happened,” said Chelsea.

In the months following, the Hardins recovered what they could from the house, before knocking it down.
They lost a home that has been in the family for generations.
But, they are rebuilding now, just steps away from where the original house was, and this time with a tornado shelter.

“At least we’ll be even safer you know if it were to happen again, I mean there is a history of tornados coming on airport road” added Chelsea.

They say with the anniversary around the corner, there are feelings of PTSD, but that they are just thankful it was only their home they lost.

“Really the main thing was that you know our children and we were all okay, you know all that stuff can be replaced. It’s been a whirlwind trying to get back to where we were and don’t know if we ever will but that’s the one thing that matters is that we’re all still here” added Jeremy.

The Hardins are hopeful their new home will be complete by July.

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