Local car wash manager warns of rusting under your car without a good clean after winter weather

LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36) – Mary Davidson typically gets her car washed once a week

“But, lately with the pandemic I haven’t gone anywhere so I haven’t washed my car very often” Davidson said.

She says when the snow and ice from the winter storm started to melt; it was time for her to go again.

“With the weather being like this it is really, really dirty and I needed to get it cleaned out.”

She is a regular at Mr. Sparkle Car Wash in Lexington where manager, Stephon Smoot says the winter time is the busiest season.

Especially when you consider the damage a winter storm can do to your car.

“The salt on the ground gets up under the vehicle so if you don’t get your undercarriage it’s going to leave a lot of salt up under there and it’s going to start rusting and that’s what needs to be cleaned…a lot of people forget about up under their vehicle” said Smoot.

Mr. Sparkle Car Wash was closed for a week due to the winter storm but saw 60 cars on Saturday when it reopened and around 40 cars Sunday.

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