Local Businesses: Weather Doesn’t Deter Valentine’s Day Plans

The potential for snow tonight in Kentucky might have altered some couples’ Valentine’s Day plans.

But Lexington business owners we talked to seemed confident that their sales wouldn’t go down this holiday, because they said some Kentuckians are now immune to this winter.

“Certainly this winter they’re ready to get out and go do something,” Fred Mills, Manager of the Kentucky Theatre, said.

The Kentucky Theatre showed Casablanca today.

“It’s one of our favorites like a lot of people,” Craig and Judy Stavnes said.

They said they’ve celebrated more than 45 Valentine’s Days together. The weather didn’t stop them from making their way to the theatre.

“You know everybody’s gotten used to the weather so I think we’re getting used to it and coming out anyway,” Gene Williams, owner of Natasha’s in downtown Lexington said.

According to Williams, Valentine’s Day is the biggest day of the year for restaurants.

He said they had some cancellations because of weather, but were able to still fill the restaurant with people who were on the waiting list.

“It’s always been the biggest night of the year,” he said.

Fred Mills said that this holiday weekend is the last one before they start renovations on the Kentucky Theatre.

He said one screen will stay open through construction, which will take about eight weeks.

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