Lexington business busy thanks to Solid Blue fans

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Solid Blue fans are ramping up for the cat’s sweet sixteen game against Houston.

Before the game, fans are filling local stores to buy the latest merchandise.

Shop Local Kentucky prepares for extra business during the tournament.

The store manager says t-shirts are the top seller and if the cats keeping winning it will go through about 11 boxes of shirts a week.

Online products sell fast and the manager says it’ll go even faster if there’s a new shirt on the market.

The fans in the store admit they want new gear as the cats get closer to the finals.

“Always looking for new things because you don’t just want the basic stuff, so yeah, always looking around. I love this place, I shop here a lot online,” said Brooke Burchard, Customer.

Kentucky takes on Houston at 10pm EDT on Friday in Kansas City.

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