Local Asian Americans speak on anti-Asian hate following Atlanta shooting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36) – “As an Asian American you know it’s a very difficult time and I’m just deeply saddened and also angered” said University of Kentucky Executive Director of Chinese Initiatives, Huajing Maske.

Maske isn’t alone in that statement….since Tuesday’s Atlanta killing of six Asian American women and two others…the country has erupted in a demand to stop anti-Asian hate.

“It’s not just the Atlanta incident, but also those serious violence against Asian Americans preceding that, that were just painful reminders that that this nation has such a deep prejudice affecting Asians in this country” said Maske.

She says anti-Asian racism is rooted in history, but violence began to escalate due to certain rhetoric surrounding the pandemic.

“This whole thing had been exacerbated by the pandemic and by the leaders, the politicians, who had the most powerful platform to speak and the china virus and all of these basically enhanced it.”

Data released on Tuesday by advocacy group ‘Stop AAPI Hate’ showed they received nearly 3800 complaints of violence and harassment against Asian Americans from Mid-March of 2020 to February of 2021.

Maske says luckily, Lexington feels like an oasis…but this is still happening across the country.

“People are beginning to hear the voices and hear the cries of the Asian Americans.”

Maske says she just hopes the advocacy and fight for change…sticks.

“I just hope that people are aware and are educated and are determined to stand together to fight racism in all forms.”

Yan Wang, Ph.D. Founder of the Asian/Asian American Club at the University of Kentucky also provided ABC 36 with the following statement,

“We stand by our brothers and sisters within the Asian and Asian American community across the nation to urge an end to the anti-Asian hate crimes! Stop racializing the virus and stop hating Asians!”

For a look at the Stop AAPI Hate organization’s report click here.

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