Lincoln County neighbors scared following pipeline explosion

STANFORD, Ky. (WTVQ) – People who live near the gas pipeline explosion site in lincoln county are understandably nervous after Reuters reported the two lines that run adjacent to the one that exploded are about to be restarted.

“I’m terrified to be here.”

Words from Lisa Dolen, she lives down the street from where the pipeline explosion took place earlier this month in Lincoln County and was forced to evacuate after the explosion.

She said she and her husband weren’t back home for long… before her husband’s health problems took a turn for the worst.

“My feelings are all over the place. I’m dealing with a very sick husband right now. A couple of days after we were allowed to return home he got very ill breathing wise, he’s been in the hospital on a ventilator,” Dolen said.

Reuters is reporting that Enbridge expects to restart pipeline services in the coming days, after gas pipeline 15 exploded killing one person and injuring six others.

Dolan said she is thankful that they still have a home but had second thoughts about returning when she heard about the two adjacent pipelines restarting.

“My husband and I were talking that when he’s well enough to turn home, which may still be several weeks, that he really doesn’t want to come back here. we’re literally terrified,” Dolan said.

Reuters reports that the lines 10 and 25 will be turned on between August 24th and August 25th while work continues on line 15.

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