Lin-Manuel Miranda talks his 'dream come true' filming 'Mary Poppins Returns'

Lin-Manuel Miranda is living out a childhood dream in the highly-anticipated movie “Mary Poppins Returns.”

Miranda, who scored a Golden Globe nomination for his role in the sequel, appeared live on “Good Morning America” today as an exclusive clip revealed him rapping alongside the famous penguins.

“I think that’s time the world has seen that,” Manuel said of the clip. “I spent hours dancing with penguins [as a kid]. It was just a one-sided relationship with my VHS copy of the original Mary Poppins at home.”

He went on, “To get to meet them and dance with them for real was a dream come true.”

In “Mary Poppins Returns,” Miranda plays “Jack” — a street lamplighter and friend to Mary Poppins. Miranda and his family moved to London to shoot the movie.

“It was a perfect adventure for our family and it was a magical time in our lives,” he said.

“My son saw the movie for the first time on Sunday,” Miranda added. “He was on set when he was 2. He’s 4 now. It took us a long time to make this movie and so, he saw Daddy climbing Big Ben and he saw Daddy doing these crazy dances and dancing with all those other lamplighters…he left singing the songs. I can’t think of a higher honor.”

Manuel called his overall experience filming the movie “surreal,” adding that “every day was magical.”

“One day you’re dancing with penguins, then the next day you’re dancing with Meryl Streep and then the next day you’re riding bikes down Buckingham Palace’s driveway,” Miranda said. “Us and James Bond — those are the only people who get that privilege.”

If you hear someone singing @HamiltonMusical on the train, turn around — it MIGHT be @Lin_Manuel practicing for his Puerto Rico debut!

In January, Manuel, who is also the creator of the Broadway smash-hit “Hamilton,” will be performing once again in “Hamilton” in Puerto Rico.

“It’s essentially our third national tour, but we’ll premiere it Puerto Rico and all the money that we raise in Puerto Rico will go to artists and arts organizations still recovering in the wake of Hurricane Maria,” he said.

“Mary Poppins Returns” is in theaters Wednesday.

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