Life after COVID-19? A futurist predicts future of restaurant industry

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- People have had a lot of questions during the pandemic. One of the most common? What will life after COVID-19 look like?

A futurist tries to make sense of the future of the restaurant industry.

So what is a futurist? A futurist tries to look at present trends and see how economics and education come together to predict where things are coming to.

Theo Edmonds is an assistant professor at the University of Louisville and co-founder of UPOP Now, a company that tracks the future of work through a multitude of factors.

“We’ve taken the positive psychology a scientific approach, but we’re using it to predict the innovation capacity for an organization to perform in the market place,” Edmonds said.

Using those trends and statistics Edmonds looks into the crystal ball to see what the restaurant industry looks like post COVID-19.

“I think we’ll find new ways to be together and new ways to feed that need so to speak, no pun intended. When it comes to how we gather to celebrate, restaurants are always going to continue to be a big part of that,” Edmonds said.

Trends also point to a big change in fast food.

“Those combo KFC Taco Bells-we’re going to see a lot more of that because the efficiency is better. One restaurant industry insider called them ghost kitchens. We have four or five restaurants working on the same kitchen in order to get the economies to scale to make profit on a restaurant,” Edmonds said.

He admits it’s important to take a wait and see approach with some things, but it never hurts to be prepared.


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