LFD: Air quality around Bluegrass Stockyards now safe

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After the half-acre fire that decimated the Lexington Stockyards on Saturday, many were concerned about the air quality in the area.

Lexington Fire Department announced that they have been monitoring air quality since the incident started. They initially warned people in the area to stay indoors – and to turn on air purifiers if they had them.

Officials now say that the dangerous particles in the air have dropped well into safe levels. Even people with respiratory problems should not be bothered by what is left. The response team said the rain last night helped clear the air – and dampen the burnt area where hotspots still lingered.

Lexington Firefighters now say they do not think there is a serious threat from what remains of the fire, or its pollutants. A consultant was called in to check for water safety, but information about that test has not yet been released.

Firefighters report the Emergency Paramedics left around noon on Monday, once the fire was deemed well under control.

Although officials from the Stockyards say over 40 animals died in the fire, many say “It was a miracle” that so few were being housed there – especially with a sale planned for February 1st.

No one was injured or killed in this massive fire.

Chief Greg Bayer, Special Ops for the Lexington Fire Department, said “Currently, all the spot fires are essentially out.. Very small areas are smoldering,” and added that they are limiting activity inside the Stockyard until they have a more thorough understanding of the fire, and what happened.

“Anytime you have a fire of this expanse, there’s always the potential for hidden pockets of fire. There’s a metal roof to the building, so there’s a lot of areas that haven’t been uncovered yet.”

The Lexington Fire Department Fire Investigation Bureau is requesting the public’s assistance as the investigation continues into the Bluegrass Stockyards fire. If you have any videos or pictures of the fire prior to the fire trucks arriving at the scene please submit these to  arsontips@lexingtonky.gov.

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