Lextran commemorates civil rights icons with reserved seat signs

LEXINGTON, Ky, (WTVQ) – February is Black History Month and Lextran is commemorating civil rights icons with reserved seat signs.

According to Lextran, a seat on each bus will be reserved in honor of Rosa Parks and the women involved in the Browder v. Gayle case. In 1956, this historic case ruled racial segregation on public transit unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment.

The reserved seats feature a poster with photos of Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin, Aurelia Browder, Mary Louise Smith, and Susie McDonald. The posters weree placed on the buses on Parks’ birthday which was February 4. The posters will remain up through February 28.

Lextran has honored Parks in the month of February since 2019, by reserving a seat in her name onboard each vehicle.

“This year, in addition to the seat we traditionally reserve for Rosa Parks, we wanted to tell more of the story with the inclusion of the other women,” said Jill Barnett, Lextran General Manager. “Rosa Parks is a civil rights icon, and most people are familiar with her impact. The other four women tend to be overlooked, though they were equally influential in ending segregation on public transit.”

You can read more about the effort HERE.

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