Lexington’s ‘White Christmas House’ brings joy

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)–After more than 25 years of decorating for the holidays, Lexington’s ‘White Christmas House’ is still drawing crowds. Owners and co-decorators Ron and Linda Turner say this more people visited their home than ever before. “Wonderful people come by daily and it’s so special,” says Ron Turner.

Turner says it is his family’s goal to bring happiness and joy to people at Christmas time. According to visitors, their decadently decorated home does just that. “I was driving the kids and every time I would pass it they would say, ‘Are we going there?’ It was amazing,” says Taylor Hancock, volunteer at Southland Church. He was taking children to visit the house where they were also given Christmas presents.

Several times in the month of December the Turners let organizations or churches use their Winter Wonderland of a home for Christmas gatherings.

The Turners say, everyone has a story to tell. Linda Turner spoke about the time a man proposed to his girlfriend in front of the house. Turner says the house has a way of inspiring people if they are not in the Christmas spirit or get depressed around the holidays. “We couldn’t stop doing it now. There are kids running all over having a great time,” says Turner.

But according to Turner’s brother-in-law, Louis Mullins, keeping the light show going is a lot of work. “There are 500 extension cords and a lot of electrical panel boxes,” says Mullins. “Lots of breakers keep blowing every time the weather keeps changing.” He says it is all worth it when they see the expressions on the kids’ faces. However, as Turner says, “Adults enjoy it too because we will always be God’s little kids.”

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