Lexington’s Urban County Council votes to support medical marijuana

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington’s Urban County Council approved a resolution on the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky at its work session Tuesday.

The council doesn’t actually have any power to legalize medical marijuana itself but by approving the resolution, shows state lawmakers the city is in favor of the idea.

Lexington is not the first city to draft a resolution like this, Louisville, along with smaller towns like Danville and Paintsville are doing the same.

“And they are telling Frankfort that we want this, they have to listen because we, it’s the people that vote them in and if the people are telling them that we want this and they don’t do it then who are they really representing,” said Michael Raus, with Kentucky Bluegrass Cannabis.

So far the two medical marijuana bills currently in the legislature haven’t even been put to a vote in Frankfort but those in support of medical marijuana say resolutions like the one passed by the council in Lexington will help to pressure lawmakers to make that happen.

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