Lexington’s prepared for the snow

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The city of Lexington says it’s ready for the snow.

“We’ve got a snow plan, a barn full of salt, and crews and trucks ready to go,” Mayor Jim Gray said in a release sent out Monday.

The city says it responds to an average of 22 snow events between November and April.

“The past three years have been unusual,” says Rob Allen, the deputy director of Streets and Roads. “Three years ago we had a polar vortex and sub-freezing temps. Two years ago we had two 12″ snows followed by a 4″ snow three days later. While the volume of snow was great, the number of events, 11, was small. Last year, we had a mild winter – only six responses and two real snows.”

The city plows more than 1,200 lane miles in Fayette County. It expects to have 40 trucks dedicated to snow removal, and more than 100 drivers, each working 12-hour shifts.

The city says salt boxes and salt spreaders have already been added to the trucks and during the typical winter, uses 7,000-12,000 tons of salt. Right now, the ity has 6,000 tons of salt on hand and has authorized the purchase of another 3,000 tons with a guaranteed price for more, if needed.

The city also uses salt brine to treat roadways.

“We are able to start treating the roads up to three days before a weather event as long as it look as it doesn’t look like it will start with rain,” Allen said.

Once snow arrives, the city says you can get information on accidents, lane blockages, snow-and-ice trouble spots and road closures through its Twitter accounts (@lexwrecks and @lexkypolice).
You can also view traffic at major intersection in real time through the city’s traffic cameras at .

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