Lexington Woman wins big on Let’s Make a Deal; auctioning prize to help families in need

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ)- A Lexington woman has a big secret she can finally share after more than six months. Michelle Raney got the chance to be a contestant last fall on the game show “Let’s Make a Deal.” She was one of the lucky few to play on the game show; and, one of even fewer to come out a winner. Raney gambled almost all of her prize money for more time to win the big prize, a new car.

“I just thought, ‘It’s probably a long-shot for me to win the car anyway, so I don’t want to go away with nothing, so I’m going to keep $500. At least I walk away somewhat of a winner,'” said Raney.

Her gamble paid off with a new car worth $18,000. Now, she’s auctioning it off. All of the money will go to Hogg Therapy in Berea, where Raney works as a speech pathologist.

“We’re going to take the highest bidder. Any of the profits we’re going to give to the kids, who need therapy,” said Raney.

Because of the pandemic, Raney and other speech therapists have resorted to teletherapy. The money raised from the car will go towards supplying families with better equipment.

“We have some families, who come from really far away. some of them drive an hour and a half because they don’t have therapy close, so for them, maybe they come to our office so often, but we’re able to do teletherapy to cut down on that drive time. I think that could be great to be able to give them an iPad, a Chromebook or something to do teletherapy on.”

Raney made a promise before going on the show to donate at least half her winnings if she ever won. Now, she said it makes more sense to donate it all.

“I came in with nothing. I’m not really in need of a new car or of that money, so why not bless others with it,” said Raney.

Raney is currently taking bids via email.




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