Lexington woman wins $10,000 through trivia app

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington woman recently won $10,000 to help pay off her student loans and she got the money by playing trivia on an app.

Patience Goodwin was on her phone when she saw an advertisement for an app called Givling and it claimed she could win some cash.

“I thought there’s no way this is real, it’s got to be fake. So, I did some research and it turns out it is real,” said Patience Goodwin.

Givling started about four years ago and became an app two years ago.

Givling’s marketing director says there’s about a half million registered users.

The marketing director says they get money from advertisers and registered users, but only if those users choose to spend money for more trivia turns.

You can win money by hitting the weekly jackpot as the best trivia team, collecting queue points by spinning a wheel, or by playing ten trivia games to be entered into a random drawing.

Goodwin has about $60,000 in student loans.

She received an email from Givling stating she had won a daily drawing for $10,000 and every penny will go towards her loans.

“That’s just straight up life changing,” said Goodwin.

Givling will send the money to her student loan provider.

For more information about Givling, click here.

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