Lexington woman to run in her 2nd Boston Marathon, raising awareness for cancer

For Margaret Hancock...10 of her family members have had or have a form of cancer.

LEXINGTON , Ky. (WTVQ) – Cancer is a common disease, according to the American Cancer Society, many families have at least a few members who have had cancer.

“I feel like so many families have been touched by cancer but my family has really been impacted.”

For Margaret Hancock…10 of her family members have had or have a form of cancer.

Her grandmother, father, mother, sister, one of her brother’s, her nephew and some of her aunts and uncles…have all had to battle the disease. Her grandmother, father and nephew were not able to beat it.

“It is hard to hear, I know exactly where I was every single time with every person, I know where I was standing, where I was sitting where I got those phone calls” said Hancock.

But, she says its the strength and fight of those family members who motivate her to spread awareness of the disease to others.

That’s why when shes not behind a desk at work, shes grabbing her sneakers and heading out for a run. She’s training to compete in her second Boston Marathon in April, as a way to raise money for the cause.

“This year I got an email the first of January welcoming me to the Dana-Farber team, I have tried to get into Dana-Farber for at least 6 years so I finally get to run for Dana-Farber” said Hancock.

Hancock gets to run for all types of cancer under the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute team…her 26 point 2 mile run  dedicated to her family and friends…keeping each one in mind.

“I want to just like each mile that i run is dedicated to that person and on the back of my singlet I’m just going to have so many names on it that represent those people” added Hancock.

As part of being on the Dana-Farber team, Hancock is raising money to conquer cancer with the Dana-Farber marathon challenge, with a goal of $7,500 dollars, all to be donated to the Cancer Institute.

And to help, the Lexington Diagnostic Center is matching every dollar donated.

A link to donate and help Hancock reach her goal can be found here.

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