Lexington woman says her street constantly has piles of trash on the curb

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Jennifer Road in Lexington had five piles of large debris strewn down the street when ABC 36 News went to check out one woman’s allegations about a chronic trash issue.

Lea Robinson said in the last three years of her 20 years living on that street piles of debris is a constant eye sore.

Not only that, she says it’s become a dumping ground.

“It’s disgusting, literally disgusting and disgusting it’s allowed to continue,” Robinson said.

The large items are picked up by a special service truck separate from regular dumpster trash service.

Lexington Waste Management said in a statement, it collects large items, like the eye sores Robinson is referring to, every Wednesday on Jennifer Road.

According to Robinson, that’s not the case, pointing out a specific pile she said has been on the curb for over two weeks.

Lexington Waste said it is aware of the high amounts of debris set out on Jennifer Road and is working to continue to inform property managers about the policies in place to keep streets clean.

In the statement given to ABC 36 News, it went on to say Waste Management works closely with Code Enforcement to make sure property managers are held accountable and Code Enforcement will be increasing its visits to Jennifer Road.

Robinson said she hopes people understand its more than an eye sore issue, it’s a matter of health and safety too.

“You have people walking their pets, you have children playing and there’s just garbage everywhere,” she said. “People should not be afraid to walk down the street and have to dodge piles of trash.”

Anyone can call 3-1-1 for more details about requesting large items waste removal.


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