Lexington Suspends Recycling Pick-Up After Wind Damages Recycling Center

The City of Lexington was forced to temporarily suspend recycling pick-up after  
the tipping room of the recycling center was damaged Monday morning by high winds. 

The winds tore much of the tipping room’s fabric roof off, forcing the entire facility to be shut down and for the city to suspend residential recycling collections for the rest of this week. Business collections will continue as originally planned.


“Our plan is to resume making residential collections next Monday, Dec. 1,” said Tracey Thurman, the director of the Division of Waste Management.


On a normal day, the city collects 100 tons of materials from businesses and residents and processes an additional 75 tons from neighboring counties.


The facility will remain closed until fire and code enforcement officials can determine that the facility is safe to reopen.

Fire sprinkler heads in the tipping room were damaged by the roof.

A representative of the vendor who installed the roof will visit the facility Tuesday morning.


Residents wanting to go ahead and dispose of their recyclables can use one of the city’s 16 recycling drop off centers around the city. You can find those locations by visiting http://www.lexingtonky.gov/index.aspx?page=1765.


For more information, call LexCall at 3-1-1 or 425-2255.

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