Lexington Strip Club Being Sued in 2013 Death Case

The husband of a woman who died in 2013 is suing Fillie’s Gentleman’s Club for allegedly doing nothing to stop a reported sexual assault before the woman died.

According to police, Melissa Smiley had passed out from a respiratory disease while she was at the club.

Instead of calling for help, officers said 71-year-old Clyde Sexton sexually abused her.

The lawsuit claims that Smiley could have been treated if someone had helped her.

Lexington police said Smiley had a history of fainting due to a pre-existing medical condition, but the Fayette County Coroner admitted the exact cause of death remains unclear.

The owner of Fillie’s said Smiley was a former employee, but was not working at the club at the time of the alleged incident.

However, police confirm that security cameras show some of what happened before Sexton reportedly covered the camera with a sheet.

Sexton is currently awaiting trial in criminal court on charges on sexual abuse and tampering with evidence.

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