Lexington Solidarity Run For Boston Bombing Victims

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The Lexington running community wants to remember the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Instead of seeing psychologist, Keith Cunningham runs every day.

"It makes me feel alive .  It makes me, ah, it’s my therapy, you know, when days are bad and you want to de-stress, i go out and run, and i feel so much better and normal again," said Cunningham.

Normal the last several mornings different for most everyone in their running group.

"We work out our little demons while we go run," said Cunningham.

You can hear their feet pounding on the pavement, you can hear the peace of an early spring morning, and you can’t help but hear what’s running through their minds.

"Gee, my initial reaction is no, not, that’s not right.  And then it was oh my gosh, is everybody OK?"

Cunningham says 12 people from Lexington were in Boston when two explosions seconds apart killed three, and injured more than a hundred others. 

The President’s calling it an act of terror.  The rest of the world, including these runners, just have a lot of questions.

"We all kind of exchanged what did you hear?  Who did you know?  What happened?  Are they OK?  Were they there at the time?"

Saturday, Cunningham and whomever else wants to join him will run to remember the Boston bombing victims.  Cunningham says all the runners from Lexington who ran Boston are safe, but in the running world there’s a sense of community, and that’s why Cunningham is calling the weekend event a solidarity run. 

He won’t stop there.

"It’s the race everybody wants to run, but because you have to qualify in order to run, very few of us actually get to go there," said Cunningham.

Even fewer would think about going there after Monday.

"I spent 10 years in the army, so those kinds of things don’t bother me.  It’s the getting there that’s the issue," said Cunningham.

He says he’s close to qualifying, but his focus now is on Saturday; showing Boston and the world unity, several hundred miles away.

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