Lexington senior home prepares for coronavirus

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) — As fears grow over the coronavirus, people are taking greater precautions to try to stay healthy.

The virus doesn’t discriminate. It’s killed thousands of people worldwide including five at a nursing home in Washington state where several people have gotten sick.

Some of the most vulnerable are our nation’s elderly.

“I had dinner with one daughter last night and she said if it comes there, you’re coming to stay with me,” says Phyllis Young, a resident at Cedarhurst Senior Living of Beaumont.

Cedarhurst Senior Living says it is very aware of the coronavirus threat.

But executive director Emily Abner says many of the precautions in place are standard protocol.

“Wash your hands when you come into contact with something that is contaminated, anything you think would be germ-related. You can’t wash your hands enough,” says Abner.

She says the facility is asking people not to visit if they feel sick and advising its residents to stay in their rooms if they aren’t feeling well.

She says there are masks for staff and even the sanitizer is extra-strength to protect against the coronavirus.

Abner says her focus is on education.

“Frequent communication as the news develops as we get more information about this epidemic, this virus,” says Abner.

We spoke with a resident who says she’s keeping up with the news  and doing everything she can to stay safe.

“I think the thing is to be aware. And I’ve already washed my hands three times and take all the precautions you can and pray,” says Young.

As a healthcare provider ,Abner says she understands the importance of her role in protecting one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

“We do have an obligation to protect the people that live here, to keep them safe, to keep them healthy. It’s very important just being a healthcare community that we are able to prevent the spread of anything,” says Abner.

The senior living is protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

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