Lexington Recognizes Waste Management Employees

They go to work at the crack of dawn, hauling away the city’s unwanted materials in the bitter cold, scorching heat and all temperatures in between.

They are the men and women of Lexington’s Division of Waste Management.

Recognizing the difficulty of their working conditions year round, Mayor Jim Gray Friday invited citizens to show their appreciation to the public service workers.

“Waste collection is a vital service performed by dedicated public employees who report to work regardless of the weather conditions,” said Gray. “We want to say ‘thank you’ to those workers for a job well done.”

This week Lexington is observing Waste Collector Week and citizens are invited to show their appreciation to our collectors by waving hello, saying thanks, or offering them some water.

“Each week, more than 180 waste management employees go out into the city and collect waste and recyclables from residents and businesses, empty pitch-in containers, and keep our streets clean,” said David Holmes, Commissioner of Environmental Quality and Public Works. “We service more than 96,000 homes in Lexington and provide collection service for around 3,000 businesses, as well as collecting mattresses, litter, appliances and tires.”

Holmes said citizens can assist waste collectors by properly placing Herbie, Rosie and Lenny containers on the curb.

The containers should be three feet apart from each other and other objects, with the handles facing away from the street. 

Mayor Gray urged residents to be mindful when passing a waste management truck. 

Many trucks have staff members working outside of the vehicle, collecting items from the curb, crossing the street, and getting in and out of the truck.

Drivers are reminded to slow down and give the truck plenty of space.

Lexington uses the latest technology in its waste collection program and is always looking for ways to be more efficient, said Tracey Thurman, director of the Division of Waste Management.

“Our collection trucks are equipped with computers, GPS units and cameras,” Thurman said. “Routing software allows us to track when citizens have been serviced and has made our collection system more efficient.”

Citizens can see the modern collection truck up close at the Truckapalooza event from 9 a.m. to noon this Saturday, June 21 at the Waste Management Administration Building located at 675 Byrd Thurman Drive.

Truckapalooza provides a chance to see some of the different types of trucks, meet some of the waste collectors, and even get in the trucks to see the technology that has improved Lexington’s collection program.

You can find out more about the Division of Waste Management by visiting www.lexingtonky.gov/wastemanagement to see slideshows featuring two employees doing their job on a typical day. 

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