Lexington rabbi addresses crowd at national rally

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington’s local Jewish leader, Rabbi Shlomo Litvin joined other national leaders in a rally on the step of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. Sunday, a no fear rally in solidarity with Jewish people took place in what was expected to be the largest Jewish event in American history. The rally was organized in response to rising antisemitism.

“Historically, we have seen time and time again that assimilation, that trying to blend in, has never worked for the Jewish community as a response to hatred,” says Rabbi Litvin. “The only response that works is being a proud Jew.”

Apart from Rabbi Litvin, many leading Jewish voices took part in the rally, including Rabbi Shlomo Noginsky, the rabbi recently stabbed in boston. Prominent allies of the Jewish community, such as Meghan McCain and Joshua Washington, also addressed the crowd.

“After a year of so much distance to be able to come together with so many other people who were calling for the same issue, recognizing the tremendous need to protect the Jewish community here in America,” says Rabbi Litvin.

Rabbi Litvin says he’s thankful to have been able to spiritually connect with those attending.

“It is crucial that if we are going to combat antisemitism that people need to know who the Jewish people are and that young Jews engage in their faith more fully,” says Rabbi Litvin.

He hopes to see the rest of the nation follow suit in protecting the Jewish community.

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