Lexington Public Library announces new collection of board games

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Check out a board game!  With Fayette County students set to spend a couple extra days at home Oct. 5 and 6 for fall break, this is a perfect time to check out a board game from the Lexington Public Library.

 A board game?

 That’s right. You now can solve a crime, conquer a continent, or even defuse an exploding kitten (no, really) at the Library. A new collection of board games housed at the Beaumont Branch let’s you do all that and more.

 “We like to be adventurous with our offerings at the Library,”Executive Director Ann Hammond said. “Lately, that’s meant going digital, but board games prove we can think in new ways about what’s offered in the way of tangible objects as well.”

 Games in the collection run the gamut from deduction games like Watson & Holmes to bluffing games like Cash & Guns to party games like Sushi Go Party! There are card games like Exploding Kittens, board games like Axis & Allies, and dice games like Zombie Dice. Some are great for children as young as 5 and others are for adults; some take minutes to play and others take hours.

 “This is a golden age for board games, and there’s something for everyone,” said Beaumont Circulation Supervisor Jamie West, who helped curate and coordinate the collection. “They bring people together. It’s critical thinking, but it’s also social. We’re hoping people will get them out and play them right here, too.”​

 Because some of the games can cost as much as $60 or more, the ability to check out games will make them available to a whole new audience and allow people to try out a game before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

 The Library partnered with Legendary Games at 320 North Ashland Avenue to create the collection.​

 To see our board game collection in our catalog, go here: http://catalog.lexpublib.org/#section=search&term=Board%20games.&page=0&sortKey=Relevancy&db=ls2pac&branchFilters=[“1″,”2″,”3″,”5″,”6″,”4”]&facetFilters=[]&audience=[]

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