Lexington prepares for President Donald Trump visit

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Trump supporters of all ages were sitting in line in front of Rupp Arena waiting for the chance to rally with the President.

“We’re supporting our president, showing that the youth can show out too. show that we have political views and that whenever we vote it’s going to make an impact,” Aiden West said.

West said he and his friends agree with President Trump’s ideas and say they believe he truly wants to make the united states a better place, Gene Huber agrees.

“We’re here for two things, number one for the love and support of the president and the people because our president is the man of the people and he brings us together as family,” Huber said.

Not only are supporters coming from all over, but businesses are as well.

Troy Hurst is visiting from Lafayette, Indiana where he owns a small shirt store.

He expects it to be a successful day for business.

“We’ve already sold six, so people are receptive to these shirts and to the ideas we put on them and you know everybody talks about doubling down on this and that but the real double down is to double down on president trump,” Hurst said.

April Owens was the first person in line and this is her 13th rally.

She got to Rupp Arena Saturday around 3 p.m. and says she has been a big fan of President Trump long before he ran for President.

“I have been for president trump from the very beginning… even before he even announced it. I’ve felt like we needed just a businessman for this country to get us back on track and he has absolutely. he’s proven himself. absolutely. as he says promises made, promises kept,” Owens said.

Owens is originally from the coalfields in Southwest Virginia.

She said Trump Administration’s pro-coal policies have re-energized her community.

Owens said we all need to continue to support our president..the way he supports us.

All of downtown is expecting a lot more traffic than usual and the list of specific streets that will be closed isn’t being released for security reasons.

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