Lexington pools to reopen with limited capacity at end of May

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – After a summer without the enjoyment of Lexington’s public pools…officials with the Parks and Recreation Department have long anticipated reopening the doors to the many Aquatic Centers.

“I think everyone has learned how valuable green space is over the last year. We expect the pools to be fully enjoyed and we’re doing everything we can to make sure we can keep them as open and safe as possible” said Deputy Director, Michael Johnson.

And to do that, means a few restrictions will have to be in place.
Johnson says pool attendants will work to sanitize and clean on a more frequent basis and that pools will have a limited capacity.

“Will ensure we never have a thousand people, so that will mean you can come to the pool and walk around outside with no mask on so we’re very happy with that.”

However masks will be required inside pool buildings.
Johnson says that limited capacity will also help ensure social distancing in and out of the water.

“It’ll be much like our playgrounds; we’ll encourage it, post signage, and encourage people. Kids will be kids but as long as they have plenty of room to spread out and I think the Governor was very smart for limiting the capacity in the pool because if there’s plenty of area then that will help them spread out.”

The department will rely on social media to let people know which pools are full, in hopes it may also encourage people to try other aquatic centers.

“I think we’ve done a good job over the last year of meeting those guidelines and keeping things safe and allowing the public to do as much as they can within those guidelines and well treat the pools the same way” said Johnson.

The first four of the public pools will reopen May 29th, with the last few opening the following week.

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