Lexington PD use mounted unit to try and stop neighborhood violence

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- In an effort to help fight crime in Lexington the police department has expanded one of its more unique units.

One way Lexington police are trying to bring down crime in certain neighborhoods is by deploying their mounted police to patrol the areas during the day.

When the Lexington Police Department notices a spike in crime in a certain neighborhood one of the first things they do is send their mounted patrol unit.

“To allow the community to see us there as well as the element that’s committing the crime,” said Sgt. Joseph Eckhardt, with the Lexington Police Department.

Police say having officers on horseback gives them a more obvious presence in the area than if they were to just send a patrol car.

“It’s eye grabbing and people stop what they’re doing and they take note and not just the people that are just enjoying their day but even the people that are up to no good. If they’re over there they’ll notice us as well,” said Sgt. Eckhardt.

People who live in these neighborhoods agree, saying having the mounted unit around makes a big difference.

“People won’t do nothing when they see the police. So it’s even better for the kids. Because it wasn’t like that when I was growing up,” said Latasha Young, who lives in Lexington.

The department actually increased their mounted unit this year from two officers to seven and say they’ll be out patrolling almost every day.

Police tell me in addition to trying to stop violence from happening in certain areas, the mounted unit is also a great way for them to be more approachable to people that live in those areas.

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