Lexington PD: no credible threat on 20th night of protests after bomb threats shouted during council meeting

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington Police tweeted Wednesday night there is no credible threat to protesters or the downtown area after bomb threats were shouted during an Urban County Council meeting earlier in the day.


The public comment session came after a more than six hour meeting Tuesday to discuss police reform.

Wednesday, Lexingtonians got the chance to give their opinion, but the session was marred by more than a dozen anonymous callers who used the chance for public comment to yell racial and homophobic slurs, even that bomb threat police found wasn’t credible.

Lexington Police says it is investigating the calls. Callers pretended to be people who live in Lexington then used their online anonymity to shout the slurs.

The council debated whether to continue, but decided it was best to give people who wanted to voice their opinions the platform to do so.

Council member Angela Evans also said it’s important for other members to hear some of the racial slurs black people, including herself, hear on a daily basis.

Soon after, on the 20th straight night of protests in downtown Lexington, protesters said they were angry, but not surprised after the chance for Lexingtonians to speak out about police reform devolved into some people taking over the meeting to shout the racist remarks.

Protest organizers Sarah Williams and Jay Calhoun say the comments are a rude reminder racism is still alive in Lexington.

“We’ve been working on these issues for six years and we’ve been out here in these streets for three weeks because we know this to be the truth of our lives’ experience. Whether it’s just walking out the door, walking down the street,” Williams said.

“If nothing is done about this, it will really go to show you who sits on your city council, Lexington, Kentucky,” Calhoun said.

Organizers say the comments rattled them, but they will continue taking to the streets without fear.

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