Lexington PD gets new database to help solve gun crimes

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Lexington police have a new high-tech database that will help them solve violent crimes.

This new database is called the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network and in short what it does is help police match bullet casings and guns found at crimes scenes to other crime scenes across the country.

Lexington PD says the new database has already been in use at the department for about a month.

The computer allows officers to upload images of guns and casings found at crime scenes.

Police say every gun leaves the equivalent of a unique fingerprint on the bullets fired from it.

When officers upload pictures of weapons and bullet casings found at a crime scene, the computer scans that fingerprint and looks to see if it matches any other guns or casings in the database.

Police say this technology helps officers gain leads on who or what guns were involved in a shooting.

Before, Lexington PD had to drive to Louisville for this kind of testing.

Police say cutting that travel time will help officers solve crimes faster.

“The quicker we can get out and talk to people the more fresh things are in their mind and as time goes by people sometimes get reluctant to talk to us and then sometimes people forget. So if we can get out there more quickly, we can get that interview and maybe obtain some evidence that we otherwise might lose if we didn’t have this kind of technology,” said Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers.

This database has already been used multiple times here in Lexington to solve crimes including the high profile 2017 drive-by shooting that paralyzed 12-year-old Amaya Catching.

Police say they hope having this database in house will help them solve even more crimes.

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