Lexington Organization Looks to Decrease Post-Election Tension

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- This year’s election has created a divide among many Americans including right here in Lexington and one local organization is doing their best to dissolve the tension.

Julie Krieg says the day before the election she was sitting with her family in a Subway restaurant when an argument erupted.

“The owner of the shop was a Hindu gentleman and she was just screaming and yelling and she went out in the parking lot and got a couple of guys all excited and I thought for a minute anybody could grab a gun out of that truck,” said Krieg.

Krieg says the situation soon ended without turning violent but really shook her up.

“It left a real mark on me, on the behavior,” said Krieg.

So Krieg reached out to Green Dot Lexington, an organization that works to help people prevent violent acts.

“We all have the power to look out for people and to ensure safety and that can be through a quick knowing glance or by checking in on someone,” said Meredith Swim, a member of Green Dot Lexington.

The organization offers training to people on how they can de-escalate a situation they run into that could turn violent.

“It doesn’t have to be like dashing into a burning building type of different. It can be sending that text message to someone we’re concerned about and just letting people know that we care,” said Swim.

For Krieg, these tips are ones she says she’ll put to use daily and is excited that others are doing the same.

“To know there are other individuals that have the same interest and I don’t even know about the Green Dot group but yes, and yeah, not walk away,” said Krieg.

Green Dot Lexington offers training classes to a variety of local organizations and businesses.

For more information head to their Facebook page, Green Dot Lexington.

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