Lexington neighborhood associations receive stormwater grants

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Eleven Lexington neighborhood associations and non-profit groups will receive a total of over $400,000 to implement stormwater projects this coming year with the help of a city stormwater grant program.

The grants are funded by the Water Quality Management Fee. Stormwater Neighborhood Grants focus on projects with a direct impact on water quality, such as installing pervious pavement, restoring streams, constructing wetlands and installing rain gardens and rain barrels. Stormwater Education Grants focus on educating the public about stormwater issues.

The seven Stormwater Neighborhood Grant recipients are homeowner and neighborhood associations that will implement a variety of stormwater projects that include rehabilitating stream banks, reducing erosion through rain barrels and permeable driveways and improving pond water quality.

The Stormwater Education Grant recipients are non-profit and education institutions that will promote water-friendly fertilizing practices to homeowners and lawn care companies, install educational signage about the benefits of water quality features and provide workshops about tree planting and water quality.

The Water Quality Fees Board selected these recipients from a number of applicants. In the following months, these projects will be recommended for funding by the Urban County Council.

Additionally, stormwater infrastructure grants for businesses have been accepted and are undergoing the evaluation process. Stormwater Infrastructure Grant recipients will be announced in the winter.

Neighborhood Grants

  • Ashwood Townhomes of Laredo, Inc.                                    Grant Amount: $16,170.00
    Target Watershed:  West Hickman

This project is designed to improve water quality surrounding the Ashwood and Orchard Hill Townhomes community by mitigating erosion issues. Two rain gardens with interpretive signage will be installed, and there will be two community events that incorporate litter clean-up, invasive plant removal, and rain barrel give-a-ways. The community website will be updated to include a community event calendar and a community education tab with information on stormwater management.

  • Friends of Wolf Run, Inc.                                                              Grant Amount: $43,520.00
    Target Watershed:  Wolf Run

The funding will support Wolf Run’s stream buffer stewardship program. Activities include stream clean-ups, invasive plant species removal, and installation of native vegetation along Wolf Run and its tributaries at various volunteer-selected stewardship sites. Educational signage will be installed at stewardship sites, and educational outreach will be provided for streamside property owners.

  • Gardenside Neighborhood Association                                  Grant Amount: $16,100.00
    Target Watershed:  Wolf Run

This project will contribute to better water quality at Gardenside Park through stream bank restoration and stabilization along Wolf Run. Water-quality focused workshops will be conducted and a stormwater-related, ceramic mural will be installed at the park.

  • Seven Parks Neighborhood Association                                 Grant Amount: $99,900.00
    Target Watershed:  Wolf Run

The grant will be used to improve water quality and reduce erosion in the Seven Parks Neighborhood through the installation of eleven permeable paver driveways and/or raingardens and nine rain barrels.

  • Stonewall Community Association, Inc.                                  Grant Amount: $11,864.00
    Target Watershed:  South Elkhorn

Grant funds will be used to improve water quality and reduce flooding issues by redesigning a drainage area and adding trees and other native vegetation. The project will also educate the community through a field day, and by creating a handbook documenting the implementation of the project.

  • Tanbark Association of Neighbors                                                            Grant Amount: $31,650.00
    Target Watershed:  West Hickman

This project will improve a swale by installing an erosion mat and planting native vegetation. Citizens will be provided information on this water quality feature through meetings, mail, flyers, door-to-door communications and a seminar.

  • The Woodfield Homes Association                                           Grant Amount: $89,048.79
    Target Watershed:  West Hickman

The goal of this project is to improve the Woodfield Stormwater Pond by stabilizing the banks to decrease erosion and establishing a no-mow zone around the pond. Woodfield Home Association will also host a public involvement field day and install educational signage.

Education Grants

  • Bluegrass Greensource                                                                 Grant Amount: $27,135.23
    Target Watershed:  North Elkhorn and Countywide

This project will educate the public about how trees improve water quality. A “Lexington Community Tree Planting Guide” will be developed  and presented to neighborhood groups. Additionally, a pilot tree planting project will be held in a neighborhood in the spring.

  • Health First Bluegrass, Inc.                                                           Grant Amount: $2,500.00
    Target Watershed:  Wolf Run

Through educational signage and public events, this project will educate the public about how rain gardens and ponds improve water quality.

  • Living Arts and Science Center, Inc.                                          Grant Amount $31,033.46
    Target Watershed:  Town Branch and Countywide

This project will support programs that focus on water quality, stormwater issues and water conservation. Over 40,000 children and adults will be directly reached through programs, classes, field trips and workshops.

  • University of Kentucky Research Foundation (UKRF)       Grant Amount $35,000.00
    Target Watershed:  Countywide

This project will educate the public about the effects of excess phosphorous on our community’s streams. Additionally, education will be provided to lawn and landscape care businesses in Lexington about appropriate nutrient management through a “Green Certification” program.

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