Lexington mom speaks out after son’s fall at school

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)-A Lexington mother is speaking out after her son left school without permission Monday, and fell into a ditch. He took a trip to the hospital with his teacher and principal, but luckily, he walked away with only scratches. His mom, though, has a message for the community.

Maybe you remember Tyler Biggs from his 13th birthday back in March. ABC 36 showed you how Lexington police and fire surprised Biggs, making him a police officer for the day in honor of his courage.

He was born with an inoperable brain tumor that has given him seizures and made him legally blind. Tyler’s mom, Amanda, says it is his tumor that likely caused him to run away from school Monday.

“He was coming home to me, so he says,” Biggs said.

She says a teacher’s aide turned his back for just a moment to help Tyler go to the bathroom when her son bolted and fell down the ditch. Biggs says luckily, Tyler wasn’t hurt, but she says she was by social media comments on news articles about the fall.

“‘Well, if he’s not capable of learning, maybe he doesn’t need to be at school.’ Another one was, ‘Oh, when you ditch, you end up in a ditch,'” Biggs said, recounting the comments she read.

She says her son was not skipping class. His tumor means he does not have impulse control, and he has been out of sorts lately. She wants people to know that does not mean he should not be in the classroom.

“That infuriated me because every kid is capable of learning something and just because he’s sick doesn’t mean he deserve the right to go to school,” Biggs said.

She says she would like to see a one-on-one teacher’s aide just for Tyler. The school district says it will consider that. It says it also had already planned on reevaluating what resources Tyler needs to help him learn best.


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