Second trip: Lexington man collects water, fills a truck for Flint

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – A Lexington hip-hop artist is going back to Flint for a second time to help those affected by the water crisis.

Carama says he felt the need to go back. Sunday, Carama and several volunteers loaded up a semi and u-haul, with far more water than before.

“We just wanted to lend a helping hand. Cause obviously, the Government was slow on the response, so we got us. You know what I mean? So We just wanted to help the community out, because that could be Lexington. That could easily be us,” says Carama.

Carama will leave Thursday morning for Flint. If you’d like to help him, Monday at Brackdown Church, in Lexington, he’ll be loading up again at noon. Or you can donate through –

In January, Carama collected more than 500 cases of water.

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