Lexington, Louisville, state get $23 million in homeless funds

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington, Louisville and the state are receiving more than $23 million in federal coronavirus relief funds for homeless and affordable housing programs.’

The distribution of the funds includes $14.5 million for the state,  of Kentucky, $5.43 million for Louisville, and $3.22 million for Lexington.

The funding is part of HUD’s Emergency Solutions Grants program, which provides targeted assistance for homeless Kentuckians in emergency transition shelters and supports local services responding to the coronavirus, according to U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Before this announcement, HUD has already directed nearly $70 million from the CARES Act to housing and community development programs throughout Kentucky.

“The CARES Act is making substantial investments into helping protect vulnerable Kentuckians from the spread of the coronavirus as they face this crisis. Distributing these federal funds to local governments where they’re most needed will bolster compassionate responses to this health and economic emergency,” McConnell said.

“Funding of this magnitude and at this critical time is life-saving and life-changing for those experiencing homelessness in our city,” said Lexington Mayor Linda Gorton.

“This funding will allow individuals and families without a home the opportunity to be safe and healthy while practicing all CDC recommendations to reduce the spread of COVID-19,” said Polly Ruddick, Director of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention in Lexington. “Additionally, it will help individuals and families secure permanent housing, ultimately reducing and ending homelessness here in Fayette County.”

In addition to these federal funds, the CARES Act has had an $11 billion impact in Kentucky so far, including $3.6 billion to address housing, transportation, healthcare, education and economic development priorities.

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