Lexington Legends give free tickets Tuesday night to vaccinated people

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – 25 cent hot dogs at the Lexington Legends games may be enticing to some…but for Teri Welgan Dickey and her son Joshua, there was one more thing that encouraged them to go to the game.

“I think that we thought this would be a fun opportunity to be vaccinated and to stay safe and also have some fun” said Teri.

Free vaccinations…because of a partnership with Wild Health, the Lexington Legends gave free tickets for Tuesday night’s game if you got vaccinated at the ballpark or showed your vaccination card.

Joshua got his first vaccine.

“Who wouldn’t want to get a vaccine right next to a baseball game” he said.

“We’re very happy that this was offered” added Teri.

President and CEO of the Lexington Legends, Andy Shea says they wanted to do something to encourage, promote and thank those who have been vaccinated or who want to get vaccinated.

“It’s just nice being you know doing what we can in the community, doing what we can to help the broader community and making sure that we have baseball” said Shea.

Though he says he was surprised to see just how many people came to get vaccinated.

“The people that have been coming, I mean it’s been a breath of fresh air, I mean it’s been really cool seeing the lines and seeing people out here the last couple hours participating in this” added Shea.

He says that he hopes they can continue offering incentive nights like this one.

“You know it is something that whether it’s on the players, the staff, or the fans, it’s something we’ve taken really seriously since last year.”

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