Lexington Legends add a bat dog to their roster

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- Thursday was the Lexington Legends’ home opener and this year they’ve added a new, very unique player to their roster.

Meet Tech, the Legends newest addition to their roster and the teams official 2017 bat dog.

“Oh, it’s very fun. We love to come out here and meet everybody and everybody else’s dogs and be able to have a little bit of fun sending him to retrieve a bat in the process and just be able to play around for the evening,” said P.R. Gerrow, Tech’s trainer.

Tech’s job is to wait near the dugout during the game and when a player gets a hit, run out onto the field and fetch their bat for them.

“Oh, he’s very excited. Any time that he gets to run after something and fetch it and bring it back, he loves that game,” said Gerrow.

This is the first year in a while the Legends have had a bat dog, something staff thought would be a fun addition to their home game entertainment and a fun surprise for the players.

“They are meeting him today for the first time. They’ve kind of gotten to see him a little bit in action. they’re really excited about him. I think as the season goes on he might be like a little mini-mascot for them. It’s kind of exciting,” said Sarah Bosso with the Lexington Legends.

While Tech makes it look easy, don’t think any dog could do it, tech and his trainer worked for hours to perfect his technique.

“We practiced some there at the house but there’s probably a little bit higher distractions here tonight. So we’ll see how he does,” said Gerrow.

Don’t worry, Tech did not disappoint, retrieving the bat perfectly after every hit and looking like he was having the time of his life through it all.

Tech will be with the team all season long, so if you want to catch his skills in person just come to any home game.

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