Lexington leaders explore jobs program to “End Panhandling Now”

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ)- A van labeled as “End Panhandling Now” is going to be incorporated in the city’s plan to thwart an uptick in panhandling.

The response comes after the supreme court ruled Lexington’s panhandling ban as unconstitutional. For weeks, complaints from the community have indicated a rise in the number of panhandlers on Lexington streets.

City leaders say the van will drive around the city, offering rides to those on the street. If willing, they’ll be taken to a job where they’ll make $9 per hour cleaning the city.

The program will be run by the organization, New Life Day Center which will also being giving rent deposit checks free of charge to those will to work their way off the streets.

In addition, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray announced efforts to donate to the van program through the website, LexGive.com. Gray says by handing panhandlers money directly, you may be fueling addiction.

Gray also says the city’s law department will propose a new ordinance focusing on safety for pedestrians and motorists as result of the dangers of panhandling.

There will also be new signage appearing at intersections regarding this.

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