Lexington Jewish leaders react to Robert Kennedy Jr’s comments about Anne Frank, vaccine mandates

LEXINGTON, Ky (WTVQ)- Jewish leaders are speaking out against the words that anti-vaccine activist Robert Kennedy, Jr made Sunday during a protest against COVID-19 vaccine requirements.
Kennedy compared vaccine mandate laws to what Anne Frank went through during the Holocaust.

“When you choose to take a story like that, and use it for other purposes, use it for political purposes to argue COVID policies, to argue immigration, what you do is you cheapen the Holocaust,” said Rabbi Shlomo Litvin of the Chabad of the Bluegrass.

It’s not the first time someone has compared health efforts to what happened in Nazi, Germany. Jewish leaders say it needs to stop.

“For Mr. Kennedy to seize upon the power of that story- to make his antisocial and unsafe vaccination point is offensive and in fact is obscene,” said Rabbi David Wirtschafter of Temple Adath Israel.

Kennedy’s words come at a time when University of Kentucky student groups are beginning its Holocaust education and remembrance week, which Livtin says couldn’t come at a better time.

“This is part of why it’s so important. The idea that perhaps its out of ignorance that someone could make the comparison between a health mandate and the intentional annihilation of six million people,” Litvin said.

Wirtschafter says he hopes Kennedy will see that his words are divisive.

“I think if there is something constructive that can come out of this unfortunate incident, it’s that all of us need to be very careful in our choice of words and in our use of comparison,” Wirtschafter said.

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