Lexington inches closer to record number of homicides from 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The deadliest year on record came just last year with 34 homicides. So far in 2021, there’s been 28 homicides, a number that has struck fear in parents.

“All they are around is violence and what they see every day is violence and at this point that’s all they know..I hate to say it but it’s kill or be killed,” says Kaelani Capri, a mom of two.

As another deadly shooting makes headlines…Another family faces heartache. With three homicides in the last week, Lexington is on pace to set a new record for a homicides in a year and there’s a lot of 2021 left. The most recent, a shooting on Pemberton lane Sunday. Every day moms like Capri have to wonder who will be next and if it will be her kids.

“I didn’t want to think that but at this point you just have to think like that,” explains Capri.

Capri says she lives in constant fear, wanting her kids and younger siblings to go outside and play but also wanting them to come home safe.

“I fear for my little sisters and my brothers because you have to worry about not being outside at the wrong place the wrong time, it’s just sad,” says Capri.

Capri adds that this is a very different way of life versus how she grew up.

“When I was growing up all I had to worry about was making it back before the street lights came on,” remembers Capri.

Instead of street lights, families worry about police lights coming down the street to investigate another shooting. To help ease some of this concern, Capri says there should be a safe designated area in the neighborhood like a community center for kids

“There should be somewhere where kids can know that they can go and they can still do their recreational activities but it’s somewhere safe and secure and you know that your kids are safe and nothing is going to happen,” says Capri.

On Tuesday Council Member James Brown is hosting a meeting at the Lyric Theater at 5 pm to talk about the recent homicide numbers in Lexington and how to make neighborhoods safer.

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