Lexington gears up to light the sky while social distancing

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Lexington is preparing for its annual fireworks show, but it’s going to be a little different this year due to coronavirus restrictions.

Mayor Linda Gorton says the fireworks are designed to be seen within a mile radius of downtown’s launch pad, making it easier for people to watch the show from home. People can still come downtown but they’re asked to stay in their car. Some people say that’s a good thing.

“I have to say I’m glad it’s still going on in the sense that we want to see fireworks, but it is really good that people have to stay in their cars because coronavirus is still very real,” says Zoë West.

There’s just too much going around, too much spread,” says Dana Johns. “People are not wearing masks when they should be. It’s making it too easy to contaminate each other.”

On the other hand, not everyone thinks it’s likely that people will stay in their cars.

“Especially when you park and you can’t see it or something and you want to get out, and then the hustle and bustle of the streets being shut down has already shown people want to get out,” says Kellie Hoggard.

“That’s one of the reasons why I’m not coming downtown,” says David Monk. “Staying in the car – I think that’s like people going to church. Ya know, if you went to a big parking lot and couldn’t go inside, you can hear the sermon – it’s just – I don’t know. It’s just a bit awkward, I think.”

The show will start at 10 p.m. Saturday at R.J. Corman Railyard.

For those who decide to get a closer view downtown, the city says to stay in your car, or bring a lawn chair and sit next to your cars. Officials are asking that people wear a mask and practice social distancing.

The city says there will be plenty of parking spots available near the launch pad and the Lexington City Parking Lot will open at 8 p.m. and is free. Cars can enter through gates 1 and 2 off High Street. Keep in mind cars will be parked in every other space, first come first serve.

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