Lexington Fire Department heads to Texas

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – The Lexington Fire Department is sending help to Texas.  The department sent a specialized team to Texas to assist first responders with water rescue.  The department is sending 20 people, two boats, utility vehicles, and a trailer filled with emergency equipment to College Station.

“I have had so many people ask me how can we help, and this is a real illustration of that.”

The twenty will be leaving their jobs and families for 9 days to help rescue those stranded by the floods.

“Initially they asked for water rescue, so we presume we will be doing water rescue, but events like this we could be detailed to anything.”

The rescue team has been through this before. Some have previous hurricane rescue experience. Wes Gilliam helped out with Katrina.

“This is what we trained for, and I’ll put our training and our people up against anybody in the nation. We will make an effort and we will make a difference once we get there.”

“Everyday we experience new things that we have never come to deal with before and you just kind of learn as you go. That’s part of emergency operations, you never know what you are going to get into until you get there.”

LFD says more than 30 people on the force volunteered to go on the nine day mission.

“We are a caring and compassionate city but we are also disciplined and prepared.”

The department says Lexington’s safety will not be at risk, they will work normally and be fully staffed while a team is stationed in Texas.

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