Lexington father and husband dies due to COVID-19

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Stanley Buckler was the father of five and was married for 43 years. On Tuesday, this beloved father and husband passed away after testing positive for coronavirus in early April.

“We’re just extremely frustrated and we’re mad and we’re sad,” Buckler’s daughter-in-law Savannah Hash said.

Buckler’s family said he was known for his strength. He suffered a stroke in 2019 that left him paralyzed on his left side and his vocal cords damaged.

His family says he was doing physical therapy at home with a physical therapist.

Hash said the family received a call saying that the physical therapist had tested positive for coronavirus.

Then, one by one, the family began feeling sick. Four of the family members tested positive for COVID-19.

Hash said her father-in-law was taken to the hospital in early April and his condition continued to get worse.

Hash said, “Death is not easy, to begin with, but with this virus, it makes it so much harder, things are so much more restricted, which is great because they’re keeping more people safe.”

She said Buckler was in the hospital for three weeks and on the ventilator for two before he passed away.

She said other family members who tested positive are feeling better but still have a couple of symptoms.

She said the family is frustrated and hurt they can’t physically be together while grieving.

“This virus is real. There are many people who don’t believe it is real, like they think it’s some made-up virus but it’s not. It’s a real virus that’s affecting real families, real people. It is so important to stay home,” Hash said.

Buckler’s funeral is on Friday in Paris. The funeral home is only allowing ten people inside but Hash said some people will sit outside in their cars so they can still say their goodbyes.

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