Lexington farmer speaks on keeping livestock safe during winter weather

LEXINGTON, Ky. (ABC 36) – When it comes to winter weather, you may already know how to keep your own pets safe from the cold…by simply bringing them inside and keeping them warm. But, our local farmers aren’t able to do that with their livestock.

David Demarcus is the owner of Mount Zion Farm in Lexington…raising cattle since 1982.

“I’ve been doing it a long time and you live and learn by trial and error” said Demarcus.

During the 2003 ice storm, he says they lost power for ten days, killing about 40 calves .

Since that disaster, he’s learned a thing or two about keeping livestock safe.

“We give them a balanced minerals and vitamins pack; they get good balance ration feed and plenty of water. And we check on them every day and in weather like this we’re out there two or three times a day.”

Demarcus says most farm animals grow a longer coat and put on extra fat during the winter, which helps them withstand the cold temperatures.

“We’ve got some that will stay in a shed like this and then we’ve got some that will stay out and they’ll have a wind break. We’ll put them in a field that’s got plenty of thick trees in it and that will get them a wind break and they’ll stay together and get warmth off each other.”

He says the most important thing to remember is to provide adequate amounts of food and water.

“They’re counting on us to take care of them.”

Demarcus added that it does bring on some extra work for them as farmers but they’re willing to do so because they love their animals and just want to make sure they’re happy and healthy.

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