Lexington Councilmembers stress social distancing

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – One ubran county councilman says he’s heard from so many of his constituents, he reached out to our news team for help.

“I’ve been getting phone calls about -from constituents that have concerns about seeing large crowds,” James Brown, who represents district one, or the northern downtown portion of Lexington, said.

He says another part of the problem for his district is that it’s densely populated.

“Not a lot of people have big backyards and big front yards to go sit out on their porches, so when they walk out their front doors it feels like they’re on top of each other,” Brown said.

Councilwoman Kathy Plomin represents district 12. With 70 percent of her area being rural, as expected, she’s hasn’t heard as many complaints.

The only complaint I’ve been hearing is about yard trash since the city isn’t picking up right now,” Plomin said. 

At-large councilman Richard Moloney, who oversees all of Lexington says he’s received less calls this week compared to last week, but it’s only the beginning.

“It’s still going to be a long way folks. The weather is really going to break this week and be really nice, and we just gotta be patient,” Moloney said. 

In an effort to stop gatherings, Mayor Linda Gorton closed recreational areas like basketball courts and there’s police around to enforce social distancing. But brown says they shouldn’t have to do that and their normal work.

“To be honest with you, this is the responsibility of all of us, to not put our police officers in that situation to break up crowds. They shouldn’t have to tell people to break up social distancing,” Brown said.

Brown said social distancing and checking in with where your family is can also help with concerns about recent gun violence.

“Our public safety partners are place and willing to control and address situations, but if we’re practicing being healthy at home with social distancing, and having accountability, that would help reduce some of the violence that we’ve been seeing,” Brown said.

All the councilmembers agreed, there’s still more to endure.

“Every day things change, every hour things change, we just have to be flexible,” Plomin said.

And each said, in this time while there’s a lot out of our control, what we can focus on is building relationships within our families and within our communities.

“A lot of people are stepping up taking care of their neighbors, other people in the community and I’m inspired by that,” Brown said.

Looking forward, Brown said the city will continue to provide services to help those who are struggling because of the coronavirus outbreak.



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