Lexington Co-op offers alternative during meat shortage

LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ)- There’s a hint of normalcy over at Good Foods Co-op in Lexington. Stocked shelves, especially in the meat section, are filled with a variety of items supplied by local farms.

“We’re a little bit insulated from national shortages because we work with so many producers, there are a number of local meat producers in particular that we work with,” said Lauren Gawthrop, Good Foods Co-op spokesperson. “That means there’s a really short distance from farm to fork.”

The co-op, like other stores around the country. has seen more business during the pandemic. Thankfully, Gawthrop said local farms have increased their production to help keep the store well stocked and to keep it from having to limit how much customers can buy.

“We basically just call them up and say that we need a little extra ground beef today; or, we need some more chicken quarters. They’re able to deliver within hours sometimes,” said Gawthrop.

While the cost is a little higher than what you might find at a typical grocery store. Gawthrop said buying local provides a safer and healthier option for Kentuckians, while also supporting the local economy.

“A lot of what they produce is something that can be frozen or comes to us frozen, so it’s a great thing to stock up on and keep your freezer full,” said Gawthrop. “You can use it for weeks or months to come.”

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