Lexington Clinic offers drive-up COVID-19 testing Wednesday

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Bluegrass Extended Care says it expects to administer more than a 100 coronavirus tests and could do close to 200 at its drive-up testing day.

Wednesday will be the clinic’s second drive-up testing day. Friday was the first testing day and the clinic says it tested almost 100 people.

Here’s how the drive-up works.

Once you drive-up, a staff member or a volunteer will give you paperwork to fill out in your car regarding your symptoms. Then, an epidemiologist will look over your responses and assess your risk level based on the CDC’s criteria. If you meet the criteria, you will be guided inside to the clinic for your nasal swab.

Dr. John Robert says the idea came about when he was asking the testing lab, Solaris Diagnostics, if the dozen or so tests he was sending was too many. The Nicholasville based lab said it was not, and it could take even more.

“We were lucky that he mentioned that to me,” Dr. Richard said. “And with that, I said, well, we’ll try to see if we can screen the appropriate people and get them in here for evaluation.”

As far as costs, Bluegrass Extended Care says if you have health insurance there won’t be an out-of-pocket fee, just be sure to bring your insurance card.

Dr. Richard warns not everyone who comes to the drive-up will get tested.

“We don’t want people to come just out of curiosity. We want them come because they have signs and symptoms and not just out of hysteria,” he said.

As a reminder, symptoms include, fatigue, dry cough, body aches and/or a fever over 100.4.

“We’re looking for folks who really have multiple symptoms, and hopefully, we’ll identify some of the community, so we can make that proper distinction between those who need to be quarantine and those who just need to maintain the social distance,” Dr. Richard said.

Why don’t you see more drive-up and drive-thru testing around the state? Dr. Richard said it’s because of the limited amount of tests and capacity at labs.

He says a drive-up screening is a safer alternative, because it keeps people isolated in their cars before deciding if they need to go inside the clinic.

“It helps us too, to protect ourselves when we’re screening very, very high risk population, who have lots of signs and symptoms of COVID-19 instead of having them come in our routine front door and sitting with other patients,” Dr. Richard said.

The drive-up is located at 989 Governors Lane and will be open from 9 a.m. until around 4 or 5 in the afternoon depending on how many people show up.

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