Lexington Church Repair Cost At Least $150,000 After Pipe Bust

Ministers at Broadway Christian Church said they are facing a minimum of $150,000 in damage, after a pipe broke on the 4th floor of their church.

Lexington Firefighters said they answered more than 100 water-related calls on Wednesday. That’s almost as many total calls they would receive on a normal day.

Church leaders said they discovered the damage Tuesday morning. The water from the 4th floor had flooded through every single floor.

“There was a waterfall coming over the ledge and down the stairs as well and it’s just cascading from the ceiling,” Mark Deakins, Minister of Worship, said. “It was horrendous.”

As of now, they know the ceiling and floors will need to be replaced. Crews will survey the rest of the damage on Thursday to see if the walls need to be taken down too.

But Senior Minister Ernie Perry said that might not be their only worries.

“We got some issues perhaps when they start digging and looking around, we may have some asbestos issues,” Perry said. “That may possibly mean quarantine part of the building off until they can figure out what that situation’s like.”

Perry said the church does have insurance to cover the costs.

They also will be able to continue church services in the sanctuary because it wasn’t damage. Other activities, like church choir rehearsal, will be relocated until the damage is repaired.

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