Lexington Chef Collecting Donations to Feed Families in Need

Chef Love Talley is making a difference one meal at a time.

He’s been donating Thanksgiving meals to needy families every year since 1991.

Usually, he does it without any credit but this Thanksgiving the ABC 36 cameras followed him on one of his deliveries.

Talley said since then, people have been calling, saying they’re poor, hungry and in need of a meal.

Talley wants to keep helping but says it is getting expensive. 

Each meal feeds a family of six to eight people but each meal costs $150. 

Talley said he will keep cooking but is asking the community for donations to help cover the cost.

His goal is to donate 50 meals by Christmas Day.
“The smile on these kids faces, the smile on the moms and dads faces, the aunts and uncles that meet us at the door, that thank us over and over, when you get a response like that you know you’re doing something right,” said Love Talley, executive chef.
Talley has set up a donation account through Chase Bank under the account name One Band One Sound. 

Chase Bank cannot accept cash donations, for cash donations contact Chef Talley at: (859) 229-4129.

If you or someone you know is in need of a meal Chef Talley can be reached at the same number.  

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