Lexington business re-opens after initially deemed non-essential

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – Scentsy, a business in Lexington, received a notice from the Department of Labor to shut down its operations.

However, that shut down only lasted 24 hours.

It was able to re-open after explaining to the Labor Cabinet it sells more than wax – its most popular item.

Scentsy is a distribution center with three U.S. locations, which all offer soap, disinfectant, detergent and other items in high demand right now.

Eric Ritter, Scentsy’s General Counsel, says he understands the pressure state governments are under all across the country.

“I’m certainly not envious of the position that the governors are in,” Ritter says. “I know it’s a very difficult thing to have to try and balance the economic harm and the health and human safety harm.”

The state quickly let Scentsy re-open after it showed it’s selling items that are essential right now. Also, Ritter says employees disinfect often and follow social distancing guidelines.

“We’re doing our best to support those governors as they make those decisions and provide as much information as we can about our operations to make sure we’re compliant,” Ritter says.

Although he’s happy about the outcome, Ritter says he’s sympathetic to those out of work right now.

“We know that there’s also several people that have lost loved ones and have certainly suffered from this,” says Ritter.

He says the company is trying to minimize that for employees by allowing them paid time off for any reason and reducing their hours to 20 a week, but paying time and half for more.

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